Dr. Fliss,
My upper and lower back felt disconnected. My husband had been seeing Dr. Fliss for chiropractic care, and suggested that I schedule a consultation.

Dr. Fliss determined that my neck was misaligned (which I could see on the x-ray) and recommend treatment along with daily stretches at home. I began with three visits a week, and have gradually decreased my frequency over the past nine months to every other week. The disconnected feelings is gone, and both my mobility and balance have improved.

Dr. Reinhardt,

You have no idea how relieved I am not to be
suffering from migraines anymore. Tomorrow when
I see my regular doctor I'm going to tell him
what worked for me. Thank you so much for
helping me to be myself again and its good to
know that with your help I am able to manage my

The website is great, I really enjoyed the
articles and found them helpful. Thank you


Dr. Reinhardt:

I have had Fibromyalgia for the past three
years. During that time I have had doctors
prescribe a mountain of drugs. Most of the drugs
did nothing for the constant pain in my entire
body. Nor did they have any effect of the
restorative sleep that I was totally lacking.
The daily pain and poor sleep patterns became so
severe that I was not able to work and still
have the energy to do things like working out or
to go out on the weekends. At one point with the
increasing pain, I received injections of
cortisone which again had little effect. It was
at this time I made an appointment with Dr.
Reinhardt for acupuncture treatment. I had read
many articles of people who had found relief
with acupuncture and decided it was worth a try.
The treatments, six in total, have FINALLY
relieved the pain. Further, I have restorative
sleep that has totally changed my life. My
energy level has increased, and I have begun
walking and exercising again. Even my mood and
outlook has begun to become what it once was.
Acupuncture has relieved the symptoms of
Fibromyalgia. I still take medications but am
able to take much less. Asprin and Motrin is not
part of my daily life. For anyone with my
problem or other painful conditions, I would
certainly recommend Dr. Reinhardt.


Hello Dr Reinhardt....

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let
you know that I had a beautiful baby boy on
November 29th. It was a planned C section
because of the size of the baby. He weighed
9lbs, 4oz. He was a big boy!! The pregnancy went
well except for the fact that I was diagnosed
with gestational diabetes. Luckily, I was able
to control my sugar by watching my diet and
testing my blood sugar 4 times a day.

I just wanted to thank you because I believe I
wouldn't have him here today if I hadn't gone to
you for acupuncture.

Thank you again and please give my regards to
everyone in the office.

Happy New Year....


Dr. Reinhardt,

The acupuncture treatments have increased the
mobility in my knee and removed the pain.


I am a woman, 84 years old. In July 2009, I was
sent to the emergency room, by my doctor. While
there, my heart stopped and the staff did a
"CODE". I was brought back; however my neck
started to give me trouble. Pain killers,
patches, chiropractic, physical therapy were all
tried. Next, I was treated with four times
epidural injections. Nothing helped and I spent
most of my days and nights sitting in my living
room in terrible pain. The movement in my neck
was very restricted. Next, a surgeon checked me
out and although there was a surgical procedure
he could perform, he suggested trying
acupuncture. At church, several women heard of
my situation, and recommended Dr. Reinhardt. In
August 2010, after only two treatments I was
amazed at the pain relief and mobility I was
experiencing. I have been totally restored and
can't thank Dr. Reinhardt enough for giving me
back my life. My days are now spent; baby
sitting two great grandchildren and going on
with my life. I continue going to Dr. Reinhardt
at 6-8 weeks intervals but only as a precaution.
He is totally committed to his patients and uses
his knowledge of Acupuncture beyond measure. He
learned it well!